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Relojes Diesel

Relojes Diesel

Diesel watches have the same tough and daring look as the jeans that the brand started out with. Diesel is best known for Oversized XL watches with multiple dials, but has more to offer with business and sporty watches in its range. From digital watches to chronographs. The nice thing is that every Diesel watch has its own character with surprising designs; Do you dare to take on Diesel?

Términos de búsqueda populares: Hombre, Classic en Xl.

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Different models of Diesel watches

In our Diesel collection you will find both classic and innovative watches. The Classic line mainly contains (men's) watches that form the basis for the complete Diesel Watch collection. For example, the Baby Chief, Rasp and Griffed models can be found here, the diameter of which can vary from 35 to 50 millimeters. 
If you are looking for an extra large watch, then the Diesel XL line is definitely something for you. Here you will find watches with a diameter of 45 millimeters or more, including the popular models Mega Chief and Mr. Daddy. 
Finally, if you like technical gadgets, a digital Diesel watch is totally your thing, for example the Crusher or a digital version of the Master Chief.

Whether you prefer a gold, silver, red, gray or black Diesel watch with a leather or steel watch strap, every wish and style has been thought of - for both men and women. Which model is your favourite?