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Cookie Policy

Política de cookies

What are Cookies?

Many major websites now use Cookies. These are small text files that save the information about the website visit. Cookies are saved on the device that you are using (computer or mobile device). The website then knows the difference between returning visitors and new visitors. This way, the different guests, are offered a customised website experience.


Holland Watch Group Cookies

By using Cookies, Holland Watch Group can, for example, see which products you have viewed in our online store. With this information, it allows us to show you products that you may also be interested in and fits with your interests. The banners and other items on the website can give you a personal experience on the website and customise the website for you. Cookies also help the website remember what you added to your shopping cart when you visit our website again after a few days. Want to know more about our cookies? Please contact us.


What if I don't want cookies?

If you don't accept the cookies from Holland Watch Group or you have turned them off, it will change the following on the website:

• Your settings will not be remembered anymore. (Filter options, shopping cart contents, etc.)

• You will continue to see our ads, but we can not align your personal interests.

• The website may not work properly, or some parts may no longer work.

• Of course, we offer you the option to disable cookies if you want to. This is done through a dedicated website called ‘Your Online Choices'.